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Show casing our unique selection of greetings cards for the wholesale industry.

Charlestown Harbour Art Card
Trebah Gardens Graphic Style Art
Hare Art Greeting-cards
Special Ocassion Art-Cards

Our digitally painted cards are original photographs taken by ourselves. We then work with a selection of brushes using a stylus and a carefully chosen colour palette. By adopting this approach, we hope to create an abstract image that captures the mood and atmosphere of the subject without losing its realism.

Our graphic style cards demonstrate an abstract view of the world using simple shapes, dynamic colours and creative marks. The overall effect is an image which emulates the nature of the subject whilst adding a whole new perspective.

Our poetry and prose cards utilize digital painting and graphic style techniques to form a vibrant combination of the two. To compliment this, we have added beautiful words that capture the poignancy of a moment in a way that we can all relate to. Our cards aim to portray a mix of humour and positive thoughts.

Our seasonal greeting cards are inspired by anything from a swatch of fabric to a favourite flower. We use shapes and patterns to create endearing characters and settings that tell a story of their own. The overall effect, is a simple message encapsulated in a quirky sense of fun.

Please feel free to enquire if you you have any questions at: or telephone Susie on: 07432 285764.